The Cleaners Part 5: The Cleaners HQ

For the first time in my life since he’d passed, I felt like Walter was with me. This was outrageous what I was doing. Completely reckless. I had had the situation perfectly resolved, and now I was leaving my house. Leaving safety to venture directly into the lair of these – these things. The Diane I knew…… Continue reading The Cleaners Part 5: The Cleaners HQ

The Cleaners, Part 4: Whicker

Continued from The Cleaners Part 3: Diane Vs. William “No, you may not come in.” It wasn’t enough that robots were trying to force themselves into my house, now humans had to, too? Now that I’d faced one of those silly robots directly they weren’t so frightening anymore. I could ignore the biweekly doorbell ring comfortably…… Continue reading The Cleaners, Part 4: Whicker

The Cleaners – Part 1

I remember when the first cleaner knocked on my door. Funny looking guy, he was wearing a tidy suit under a black apron, lean and muscular with silvery skin, like somebody’d painted him with glitter. Oh, and his head was a computer monitor. Aside from that, he seemed friendly enough. His monitor showed an ascii…… Continue reading The Cleaners – Part 1