A Closed and Common Orbit: Jane

There’s so much to discuss in this book that I’ve split my comments over three blog entries. Here I’ll discuss Jane. Next week I’ll cover my favorite Chambers character thus far, Sidra, the android who identifies as an interstellar spacecraft. Finally I’ll close with the radical ideas that arise from an analysis of the Aandrisk and Aeluon approaches to childrearing.

Math class taught me that rules are to be broken

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Math is all about rules, right? Immutable axioms come together to prove still more complex phenomena. Truth does not change with the times or with popular opinion, or even with new scientific insights. Some might find that comforting, others boring, but it wasn’t how I learned math. Let me tell you one of the first…… Continue reading Math class taught me that rules are to be broken

The Sympathetic Universe Part 25

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Eloy remembered. Hesitantly, he sloughed off his decrepit old body. He reached out to Gabriel, who at this point it was needless to say was not in Hell. “That was a terrible game,” they agreed. Gabriel’s god chimed in, “Eloy, it was fine until your god wrecked it.” “That game was WRECKED from the START,”…… Continue reading The Sympathetic Universe Part 25

The Sympathetic Universe Part 24

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As promised, Eliza made a point of celebrating Christmas on the 25th of December and Destiny’s birthday on January 1st as separate holidays. She also quietly selected s’mores for dessert since it was her day to select on Destiny’s real birthday, December 18th. On January 2nd, the day that next year Destiny had announced would…… Continue reading The Sympathetic Universe Part 24

The Sympathetic Universe Part 23

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When there wasn’t much else to distract her attention, which of course was always the case at Camp Virtue, it turned out that Eliza could stay angry for longer than Eloy had previously thought humanly possible. First it was little things. Eliza started going to bed early and skipping Eloy’s regular campfire. Eliza’s calisthenics time…… Continue reading The Sympathetic Universe Part 23