Chapter 11 — A Strangah in the Foiest

“More chittering.” The man groaned. He made grand, incomprehensible gestures and spoke slowly as if to a fool. “Can you understand me? Chi chi chi chi chi chi chi. My name is Tofah Stro. Chi chi chi chi chi. I mean no harm. Just lemme leave and I’ll never bothah you again. Chi chi chi.”

Chapter 10 — Above the Canopy

The sweet, slightly rotten smell of burning seven-leaf meant that Lew was to skip the nearest adult and report directly to an elder. The lesson did not include why she should do this or what would happen to the bearer of the smell, but anywhere that adults left gaps, children would fill in the answers.

Chapter 8 — One Tragedy Leads to Another

Kallen berated the riders while Lew tried to disappear into a corner. “Your job is to keep people out of the forest. When they get in the forest, you chase them back out. Do exactly what the Gryphons used to do. Fly in, make noise, scare them away. If they keep coming, then you engage. Fight them, kill them, do whatever you have to. The goal is for them to go away. It is not to capture them and bring them here.”